Every PEO (professional employer organization) provides different variations and combinations of human resource services for small businesses. These differences allow small businesses to pick a PEO company that best suits their individual unique needs.

Understanding these differences can help you decide which PEO is the best fit for you and your business. Some of the main differences between PEO companies include services in: workers' compensation, employee benefits and payroll/ HR.

At ELQ, we are committed to finding the right PEO for your unique business needs.


Each PEO offers different solutions for workers' compensation. Solutions for workers comp can vary by pricing, coverage type, coverage limits, and services on workers' compensation insurance.

Some professional employer organizations work solely for specific industries (high risk or white collar) or specialize in coverage to those with a bad claims history.


Choosing the right employee benefits plan with a PEO is a critical decision based on a number of factors. Plans vary based on pricing, deductible, and copay. Some plans offer management carve outs and employee choice of plan. Certain PEOs have charges for employees that work in specific states.

Employee benefits typically offered by a PEO include: medical insurance, life and disability insurance, retirement income plan benefits, paid-time-off benefits, and educational assistance programs.


Employees value choice with their method of compensation. Payroll can be via check, direct deposit or even paycards. Some PEO companies can offer all of these options to your employees while others may only offer a few.

PEO companies charge your small business for payroll either per check, or by a percentage of payroll. Some have charges for things like garnishments and new hires. Delivery charges are also assessed and can vary between zero to $50.

Selecting the Right PEO

Some of the largest and top rated PEO companies include: ADP, Paychex, TriNet, and Insperity. These companies provide a good mix of services that work well for many small businesses. There are however many smaller top rated PEO companies that may be a better fit for you and your small business. There are benefits and risks to both large and small PEO companies.

Knowing which organization is going to provide the best human resource and payroll services for your company can be time consuming. Selecting the right PEO requires an evaluation of your business needs and an evaluation of what each PEO offers to try to fit those unique needs.

With hundreds of PEO companies offering thousands of options, it can get cumbersome. ELQ has been matching small businesses to their ideal PEOs since 2001. Let our experts find your small business the right PEO.